Getting Started with Essential Oils

It's easy to get started with essential oils! Whether you are familiar with a few oils to begin with, or entirely new to using essential oils, the best way to get started is to simply order a starter kit and dive right in!  

To order a starter kit at the best price, click here.  Just like a Costco card, a wholesale account with doTERRA will give you a 25% discount off retail pricing for one full year, plus your wholesale membership fee is waived if you order any wholesale enrollment kit.

If you start out with our popular Home Essentials or Family Essentials kit, your wholesale starter kit will contain several of our most popular oils, including Lavender, Melaleuca, Peppermint, Oregano, Lemon, plus several of our custom Blends for immune support, respiratory support, digestive support and more.  There are three ways you can use essential oils:

Topical - applying the oil to your skin is a wonderful and safe way to use essential oils. Be sure to note whether an oil is marked with a S for Sensitive - that means you should dilute the oil in a carrier oil (a good rule thumb is to start out with a ratio of 1:10 for adults, or 1:30 for seniors, those with sensitive skin, and children over the age of 5).  If an oil is marked with a T, it may be used without dilution, however you may still want to dilute the oil simply because it makes the application smoother and more cost effective. Also check out our Touch line of oils which come pre-diluted in 9mL: rollerball bottles.

Aromatic - diffusing the oils using an ultrasonic room diffuser or putting a drop of oil on an essential oil diffuser pendant is one way to experience the oils aromatically.  Aromatic use of oils is particularly effective when you are using an oil for mood enhancement, relaxation or calming.  You may also diffuse oils by adding several drops of oil to a spritzer bottle with water and then misting a room or your furniture.  Misting your bedsheets with an essential oil blend of lavender, bergamot and sandalwood will not only help to relax you but may also help to set the mood with your romantic partner.

Internal - essential oils are sometime used internally - in cooking, for example, or by adding 1-2 drops to your water or tea.  You can also put a drop of oil on your thumb and press it to the roof of your mouth if you would like to get the benefits immediately - just be sure that the oil has a nutritional / supplement label which indicates it may be used internally. This label is only on oils which are designated as GRAS with the FDA (Generally Recognized as Safe), but please be aware that the labels do not specify recomended dosage and therefore exercise caution and only use oils internally if you are working with a professional nutritionist or holistic healing coach.


If you are ordering individual oils to add to your collection, I would recommend checking out the following oils :

  • Petitgrain - with a chemical signature similar to lavender but a fresh orange-tree-bark scent, this oil is both soothing and anti-inflammatory and may be used topically, aromatically or internally.
  • Juniper Berry - calming and soothing, wonderful for topical and aromatic uses
  • Grounding Blend - for topical and aromatic use
  • Ginger - I personally love to use this oil in cooking, and it's also wonderful in lemon water as it helps to bust bloat. I drink a drop daily in my morning lemon water (a habit I formed when I was following the 17 Day Diet)
  • Black Pepper


Additional Products to Consider

  • CorrectX essential ointment - great for first aid uses as well as for moisturizing and healing cracked cuticles, this is an essential in my everyday carry
  • Detoxifying Mud Mask - the jewel of our spa facials collection, this mask is wonderful for cleansing and detoxifying your pores
  • Anti-aging moisturizer - a personal favorite, this lotion is rich and soothing as a night cream and may be used as a daily moisturizer as well.
  • Rose lotion - a wonderfully rich and creamy hand lotion that supports our Healing Hands Foundation -  100% of your purchase price goes to support our Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA's charitable organization that utilizes 100% of donations to benefit the people that we serve with no overhead, advertising or corporate salaries to dilute the benefit of your donation dollar.


There are plenty of resources to help you get started with your oils.  First of all, be sure to connect with the person who enrolled you in doTERRA and see if they offer any Facebook groups, newsletters or training for new users. Pair up with a coach or mentor who can help you on your wellness journey.  Join my Learning About Essential Oils Facebook group for daily recipes, thoughts and inspirations, or follow me on Facebook.





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Spiders hate peppermint!  Put some in a spray bottle with water to spritz the corners and doorways where they lurk - they will not be back any time soon!

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