Realtors: Stage Your Home to Sell Faster with Essential Oils

Let's face it - smell is a powerful sense when it comes to liking a disliking a person or a place. If you are staging a home for sale, why not put it in its best light by using essential oils to clean less-than-pleasant odors and to help buyers feel inspired, motivated and confident that this is the right home for them?

Here are some tips for you to get started with using essential oils in your next home showing:

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors
1. Infuse baking soda with essential oils and use that when you vaccuum the carpet just prior to an open house.  Try a single oil, or your own combination of 2-3 oils for a unique, signature scent in your next home showing:  choose from lemon, lavender, peppermint, melaleuca, wild orange, lemongrass, white fir or douglas fir. The goal is to achieve a clean scent in the home that is gender neutral, which is why I tend to recommend citrus and pine smells over floral scents like jasmine, ylang ylang or rose geraium.  Try 10-20 drops of essential oil to 1 cup of baking soda, sprinkle on carpet and let sit for 5 minutes before vacuuming.

2. Spritz the curtains and clean your countertops with a clean, fresh scent: Mix 1 cup distilled water with 1/2 tsp witch hazel or rubbing alcohol, add 20 drops lemon, lime or grapefruit and 5 drops melaleuca. Shake and spritz throughout the home to freshen odors from food, pets, or musty carpets.

3. Got pets?  Diffuse essential oils (try lemongrass, or Purify) in the cat's litter box room to eliminate odors rather than mask them. Be sure to vacuum up any pet hair and dander before an open house to help alleviate allergy issues, and of course you can diffuse Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint to help with that as well.

Add a Pleasant Sparkle to a Bathroom or Bedroom

4. Crystal freshener bowls. Find a decorative glass bowl or vase and fill with chunky sea salt or epsom salt. Add 1 tsp grapeseed oil to make the crystals shine, then stir in 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or blend (try Lavender with Balance blend in a bedroom, lemongrass or lime in a bathroom, or wild orange with a few drops of Cassia in the kitchen. Serenity, Motivate, Citrus Bliss and Peace are also good choices for diffusing in a crystal bowl).

Diffuse Confidence and Good will

5. Use a cold diffuser to diffuse essential oils in the home. A well placed Cloud Diffuser in an entryway to set the mood when buyers enter your home, a diffuser with Passion or Balance in the Master Bedroom, a diffuser with Juniper Berry or Motivate in the study or kitchen where you have contracts ready to draw up.

Essential oils can soothe a bad mood, calm doubts or fears, inspire confidence. Try them with your next home showing and let us know how they work for you.

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Itchy? Apply a drop of Lavender essential oil to take the itch out of a bug bite. It works immediately and may be reapplied as needed. May be used neat or diluted in a carrier oil.

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